You Should Have Left Trailer Gets The Chills Just Right

The six chilling degrees of Kevin Bacon

Back in 1999, horror fans were rattled by two films that would change the genre forever. One was The Sixth Sense, and the other was shaky-cam scare-fest, The Blair Witch Project. One dark and scary horse that missed the spotlight thanks to these two titans though was Kevin Bacon’s proper creepy, Stir of Echoes, directed by David Koepp. Now 21 years later and the two have reunited for another eerie-looking entry that is heading straight for digital release – You Should Have Left – which has a brand new trailer to boo-t. Check it out above.

Set in the arse end of nowhere between the Welsh countryside and perky mobile phone networks, You Should Have Left sees Bacon as Theo Conry, a man who has everything, including a young actress wife (Amanda Seyfried) and a new country home. As expected with this being a horror film though, both begin to crack and a presence hidden in the walls of their new home starts to cause some bother. Pretty soon our boy Theo begins to hallucinate and see all manner of horrors – some of which may have been his own doing from a past he’d rather forget.

Stir of Echoes is an overlooked little entry of evil that deserves a lot more credit than it got (UK readers can seek it out on Amazon Prime if you fancy it). Hopefully, You Should Have Left will make some of it back with its carefully placed bumps in the night. Add in Seyfried as the new flame finding out her new beau’s past and you’ve got a potential chiller on the horizon.

We can only wait and see if You Should Have Left is worth staying for when it arrives on digital release June 19.