Steve Van Zandt Has Seen The Sopranos Prequel

Just when they think he's out, they pull him back in.

Of the truckload of top tier cast members from HBO’s beloved gangster series, The Sopranos, one star that you’d hope would give its upcoming big-screen prequel a thumbs up is Tony’s coifed consigliere, Silvio Dante. Thankfully, the man responsible for bringing the owner of the Bada Bing to life, Steve Van Zandt, has already got an early look at The Many Saints of Newark after the show’s creator gave him a call. 

Speaking to SiriusXM (via THR) about the film, Van Zandt explained that he’d seen several versions after the show’s creator and writer of Saints, David Chase, asked for some feedback. Both Van Zandt and his wife Maureen (who played his on-screen wife in The Sopranos) gave it a look, although he’s still unsure about what to expect with the final product.

“I saw several of the early cuts,” Van Zandt said. “He’s been tinkering now with it for a couple of years. So it may be a whole different movie by the time I see it again. He wanted me and Maureen to see it and give him some input. Silvio is in it, just 30 years earlier.”

There will be many new faces to old ‘family’ names for The Many Saints of Newark. In the case of Silvio, First Cow and The Umbrella Academy star John Magaro will be potentially be donning the massive hair and try to replicate the most iconic frown in TV history (no pressure). Joining him will be Vera Farmiga and Jon Bernthal as Tony Soprano’s parents, Livia and Johnny Soprano respectively, and Alessandro Nivola as Dickie Moltisanti (Christopher Moltisanti’s father). The most anticipated part of Tony Soprano will be handled by Michael Gandolfini, the real-life son of the late James Gandolfini himself. 

You can plan your return trip to Satriale’s when The Many Saints of Newark arrives October 1.