Jennifer Lopez Drug Drama The Godmother Appoints A Director

Help comes from The Rhythm Section.
Jennifer Lopez finds director for upcoming drug drama, The Godmother.

After earning nowhere near enough recognition for her jaw-dropping, stupidly cool turn in Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez may look to have some more on the way with her next big gig now that it’s finally found a director. Reports are in that Reed Morano has been offered to The Godmother, which will focus on one of the key players of the Cocaine Cowboy Wars of the 1980s, Griselda “La Madrina” Blanco, played by Lopez.

Carrying a supposed net worth of $2 billion as of 2012, and responsible for over 2000 deaths during her time as a supreme force within the Miami drug trade, La Madrina was indeed a force to be reckoned with, and has a story that various high-calibre scribes have already looked at. After passing through the hands of god-tier talent like Terrence Winter (The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) and Regina Carano (Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy), The Godmother landed on the desk of The Departed‘s William Monahan, who finished the latest draft. It’s safe to say it’ll be worth a watch.

Morano on the other hand, has already made a name for herself with Emmy-winning work on The Handmaid’s Tale, although her recent big screen Blake Lively-starring thriller The Rhythm Section didn’t hit quite the right note and was met with a mixed reaction from audiences and critics alike. Here’s hoping both director and leading star get a blessing from The Godmother. They certainly deserve it.

What do you think? Could The Godmother be another surprise smash for Jennifer Lopez?