Taylor Kitsch & Chris Pratt Are On The Terminal List

John Carter of Mars and Peter Quill of Earth

Another year has passed, and the injustice of not giving more significant roles to the man that gave us Friday Night Lights‘ Tim Riggins continues. Okay, we had a pandemic, but still. Hopefully, that’s all about to change with the news from Variety that he’s now signed up to star alongside the current Guardian of the Galaxy Chris Pratt in Amazon’s new series, Terminal List.

Based on Jack Carr’s book from 2018, Terminal List follows Reece (Chris Pratt), a NAVY Seal who returns home after a mission gone wrong, leaving him as the only survivor and his entire team wiped out. Of course, there’s way more to this than Reece is aware of, and pretty soon, details about this doomed op surface just in time for all the fingers to start pointing at our hero and his involvement in the whole thing to be questioned. 

Now naturally, our hero needs someone to fall back on and help take down the bad guys, which is why Kitsch will take the role of Reece’s best mate and former NAVY Seal, Ben Edwards. The series itself is being handled by some impressive talent as well, with Training Day and former Chris Pratt vehicle, The Magnificent Seven director Antoine Fuqua taking that area of things. 

Showrunner David DiGilio is also penning the script and is coincidentally working on that long-anticipated Tron threequel that now won’t have Daft Punk in. That last part isn’t relevant; it’s just really, really sad.