Take The Call In New Trailer

The Call, which has just revealed a brand new trailer. Directed by The Machinist’s Brad Anderson, the film sees Berry as an emergency call operator who is just not loving her job like she used to after unknowingly leading a previous caller to her doom and into the hands of a serial killer. A good while later though and history repeats itself when plucky and rather panicky Abigail Breslin gives our heroine a call after finding herself in the clutches of the very same psycho. Making sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again, Berry stays on the call in an effort to find the whereabouts of her caller and the identity of the man the law still have yet to apprehend. Considering the ladies involved this hopefully isn’t as naff it could be regardless of WWE chucking money at it. Don’t get me wrong those guys know how to manage a hell in a cell match better than anyone – but an above average thriller? Not so much. Having said that, proceedings are being handled by Anderson and last time I checked, The Machinist was still a bloody good film. Anywhoo, judge if The Call is something to listen out for via the trailer below. At the moment it has no UK release date but will be hitting the US in March. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmhyUuLKwa4&w=560&h=315]]]>