Superman Reboot Taking Flight

All-new, but who?

is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s news that has the Cavill-cade may be quaking in their boots over the news that Superman is set to be given the remake treatment at Warner Bros., as reported by the Daily Pla…uh, Deadline.

The site reports that Ta-Nehisi Coates has been tasked with penning an all-new take on the Last Son of Krypton under the watchful eye of J.J. Abrams and his studio, Bad Robot. It’ll mark the first big gig of this calibre for Coates, who is currently working on a script for a Ryan Coogler-directed drama, Wrong Answer, starring Michael B. Jordan. There’s no details on the specifics of story just yet, but it marks the second DC project Abrams is working on after Justice League Dark was added to his to-do list. This will be an expanded venture that’ll appear on both TV and in feature films, focusing on specific team members that form the titular group of magic-focused heroes. John Constantine, Swamp Thing and Zatanna are among the roster, all of whom battle against forces that not even Supes can take on.

It’s an interesting move to make given that Warner Bros. have the hype-engine turned up to 100% with the impending arrival of Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, the super team-up that we apparently can’t go a day without mentioning. Does this suggest that plans are to completely redo the universe that’s been questionably pieced together for the past decade? Given that we’ve got a Supergirl joining Ezra Miller’s Flash film, along with three Batmen arriving within the next year, could there be space for someone new in the red cape?

If that is Warner Bros. plan of attack, then chances of Cavill making a comeback are pretty slim, which is a huge shame. The present Man of Steel has been deemed by many as the best choice to have worn the S-shield since Christopher Reeve, this fan included. There’s no confirmation if he will be passing the costume over or not, but expect petitions to be setup faster than a speeding bullet.