New Star Trek Film To Be Helmed By WandaVision Director

Incoming comms from Starfleet.

We thought we’d never see them again. We thought we might see them again, but far swearier and obsessed with alien feet back when Tarantino was penning a Trek tale. Now though, it’s been confirmed that one of the minds behind West View and WandaVision, Matt Shakman, is being beamed up to work on a brand new Star Trek film, with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and co. set to return.

Deadline opened a channel confirming that Shakman has been approached by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to direct a new film, following his impressive work on WandaVision, Marvel’s now 23-Emmy nominated show. The site’s reporter Justin Kroll confirmed that ‘the hope is the Shakman’s Star Trek would be for the Chris Pine crew to return.” If so, it would mark the fourth film in the Kelvin timeline following J.J. Abrams’ initial two entries followed by Justin Lin’s massively overlooked threequel Star Trek Beyond.

A script has already been polished up by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson with the hope that production will kick into gear next spring. It’s the closest and biggest development news we’ve heard in regards to the Federation returning to film, following both the aforementioned adult take being toyed around with by Quentin Tarantino and another separate project that Noah Hawley was working on but then abandoned as of last November.

It’s also worth noting that during this writing hell asteroid field the Enterprise found itself in, there were lengthy negotiations to get Chris Hemsworth back as Kirk’s Dad in a time-travelling team-up with his on-screen son played by Pine. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold it together Captain, and the plan seemingly fell through, but who’s to say this couldn’t be a second chance at a story that any fan of the Kelvin timeline would love to see? Expect some names to be confirmed as coming aboard in the next few months.