Spider-Man 3 Title May Be Revealed Soon [UPDATED]

Tom Holland can't be trusted with a title.

With the MCU getting twisted and twirled in all sorts of directions, courtesy of its most powerful being (yeah, I said it) in WandaVision, fans are as usual casting their predictions as to how it will effect future stories yet to be told.The biggest title on the to-do list that is certainly receiving the most buzz is the third solo adventure for everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Rumours of former web-slingers and blind attorneys appearing have been rife ever since filming began, but now the most solid information we could be getting is the flipping title – that’s if it’s stars stop yanking our webs.

Both the film’s leading man and his mate in the chair recently revealed two new stills from Jon Watts’ currently unconfirmed threequel and both of them sound absolutely naff. Tom Holland’s Instagram post revealed a title that was nodding back to the 80s and had social media duped that this was what we’d know it as first of, and it all sounds very alien if you ask me.

While fans were glad that Holland had become the hero of the day, his co-star Jacob Batalon killed the mood, asking ‘why his title was different’ to the one he got….

Which one are we to believe? If Holland’s the one to go for, does Spider-Man: Phone Home mean we’re going to have a Spielberg feel to Spidey’s next adventure, or is he going to break-up a family worse than putting his crush’s father behind bars like in Homecoming, if Spider-Man: Homewrecker is anything to go by? Either way, if your spider-senses are tingling as much as mine, then chances are you can expect to see the official title of the third Spider-Man film very soon.


As predicted the title has been revealed, probably because the internet was losing their minds and out of memes. After Zendaya chimed in with a giggle (Home-Slice, really), Tom Holland has revealed the official title as Spider-Man: No Way Home. Check out the reveal below and let us know what you think.