Ryan Gosling Confirmed As The Actor

He must remember this.

Given how much of a busy, film-making bee he is, it’s a wonder Ryan Gosling can even remember what’s on his schedule half the time. According to Deadline, the former First Man and all-round Nice Guy Gosling has put his name down to take another leading role in the upcoming project, The Actor, and memory will play a crucial part in it all. 

While the title would suggest that Gosling won’t have much of an issue with the project given his occupation, there’s undoubtedly more to it than that. Based on Donald E. Westlake’s book Memory, The Actor tells the story of 1950s thesp, Paul Cole, who is beaten and left for dead on an Ohio road. Recovery from the incident becomes all the more difficult when Cole quickly realises he has no memory of his life before the attack and must struggle to pick up from where he left off.

The book Memory was the last published work from Westlake and was found in his home shortly after his passing in 2008. Whilst a favoured bit of work from the author, it made for a very different read from his previous pulp crime novels. The adaptation is being directed by Duke Johnson (co-director of Anomalisa), from a script he penned with Stephen Cooney.  

This will be the fourth project Ryan Gosling has in the pipeline after taking on many exciting gigs for the future. First, he’ll be teaming up with Leigh Whannel for a modernised version of The Wolfman; then, he’ll be heading to Netflix with Chris Evans and the Russo Brothers for the franchise-sparking thriller The Gray Man. After that, he’s got Project Hail Mary, which will see him be the last man to save the Earth from destruction while being lonely out in space. Who knows where the actor will find time for The Actor but expect a date getting confirmed very soon.