Pixar’s Luca Splashes In With New Trailer

"We can go anywhere."

We got the poster, and now we’ve got the brand new teaser trailer for Pixar’s upcoming Italian-based adventure, Luca and it looks just as gorgeous as you’d expect. Take a breath and dive right in with the trailer below.

The story itself centres on a young boy named Luca and his unforgettable summer on the Italian Riviera. It’s made all the more magical with the addition of a newfound best friend who happens to have a dark secret; he’s a sea monster from deep below the ocean. 

Our titular hero of this fishy adventure is being voiced by Jacob Tremblay (Room, Preadtors) with Jack Dylan Grazer (IT Chapter 1 & 2, Shazam) as his mate with a secret. The film set to arrive in cinemas June 18, 2021.