Not Alone In Here Horror Short Chills

Room for one more?

Under our current conditions, the mind can be used to great effect to get creative. That is unless you’re director David F. Sandberg, in which case he can keep his nightmare fuel to himself, thank you very much.

Following on from his last short Shadowed, the Shazam! and Lights Out director has given us another sliver of scares in the form of Not Alone In Here. Brace yourself folks, things are going to get creepy.

Starring Lotta Lotsen (Sandberg’s wife), the short sees a woman lock up for the night only for paranoia and bumps in the night to test her nerves and common sense of just getting the flip outta there. Needless to say, she does not take the second option. Silly sausage.

Give the short a watch below and be sure to check out Shadowed as well.