See The Wrath Of Man In New Trailer

Stath and sound.

An unthinkable 16 years since absolute geezers Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham worked together, and now they’re back in action (literally) for the upcoming shoot-em-up Wrath of Man. The brand new trailer has arrived online today, and while it looks to be showing far less talk and more action from Ritchie than we’d expect. For Statham…well, it looks like a Wednesday.

Based on the French film Le Conveyeur (Cash Truck) from 2004, Wrath of Man sees cement-gargling Stath as H, a quiet new recruit of a cash truck business, which causes a stir after one of the vehicles is held up. As the rest of his workmates struggle to keep a level head, H dispatches the small band of robbers without any bother. Naturally, this sparks concerns among his colleagues about who they’re riding with and, in doing so, leads to the revelation that H is actually working overtime on a personal bloody mission of vengeance. 

Along for the ride in Wrath of Man is Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Mindhunters Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Laz Alonso, aka Mother’s Milk from The Boys, Raul Castillo, Niamh Algar and Post Malone. Ritchie penned the script as well as directed. 

While it may look like a heavy Statham vehicle, Wrath of Man is giving off strong Armoured vibes, showing a heavy resemblance to the Jean Reno/Laurence Fishburne film from 2009. I’m not a gambling man, but don’t be surprised if his colleagues turn out to be as bad as the folk our hero with an ‘H’ is after. Comparisons aside, though, he looks to be on top form, taking goons out with the kind of flair we love him for, and doing so under the direction of Ritchie will ensure it’s a blast.

Speaking of his picture-making pal, this won’t be the only film the two are working on this year, either. Besides Wrath of Man, the two got in a bubble during lockdown for another action-packed entry by the name of Five Eyes. Sounding like a bare-knuckled Bond entry, Stath will this time play a covert spy operative roped in to prevent the sale of some top-secret, not very nice weapon technology. Josh Hartnett will also be making an appearance, along with Aubrey Plaza and a gem from The Gentlemen, Hugh Grant. 

Incredible, isn’t it? You wait for one Ritchie/Statham movie, and then two come along at once! There’s no confirmed release date for Five Eyes just yet, but as for Wrath of Man, you can expect to see that being unleashed on May 7 in theatres (yes, you read that right).