New Trailer Breaks Into The Vault

Heist to see you, Freddie

Like the core criminals at the centre of them, no one can turn down a good heist. Formulaic as they may be, seeing an eclectic band of convicts come together to pull off the big score is a story that always sells, which explains why the first look at The Vault should get your attention immediately. However, there may be some that will have their interest peaked by the brains behind the outfit.

Set for release on March 26 in the U.S., The Vault will be handled by director, Jaume Balagueró; a director that has been synonymous with a genre that’s leagues away from heist thriller territory. Causing a stir way back in 2007, Balagueró was partly responsible for scaring audiences to death with his iconic horror movie [•REC]. The film saw news reporters trapped inside an apartment building with something else desperate to get out. It’s terrifying stuff, and the success spawned three sequels and a remake (though the less said about Quarantine, the better).

Here Balagueró looks to be raising pulses in a very different way, led by Freddie Highmore and Liam Cunningham. The former Bates Motel and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star is the new recruit, with Cunningham as the seasoned, and ever so gruff expert thief. Together with a few other crooks on the job, they set up a plan to ‘obtain’ Sir Francis Drake’s treasure during the World Cup. While the atmosphere is high outside, they’re going deep inside the Bank of Spain to crack open the titular location and do away with the goods. Piece of cake? Of course not.

Joining along in the criminal activity is also Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Jose Coronado, Luis Tosar, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Axel Stein, Daniel Holguín and Famke Janssen. Take a look at the trailer and keep an eye out for when a U.K. (where it’ll be retitled The Way Down) release date is cracked, maybe just in time for us to go back to cinemas? We can dream, right?