New Space Force Trailer Lands

Space. Is. Hard.
Space Force Trailer

As the world that has advanced beyond parody continues to spin on, Netflix have responded in their own special way with a brand new trailer for the interstellar Office-type comedy, Space Force. What we know so far is that there’s no uggos allowed beyond the stars, John Malkovich and Steve Carell are the double act we never knew we wanted and above all; space is hard. For further proof, check out the trailer up top.

Coming from the minds behind The Office U.S. Steve Carell takes the role of General Naird, the unlucky soul tasked with handling the President’s latest brain fart that may risk stinking up American history for years to come. Helping him along the way (with great reluctance it seems) is Dr. Adrian Mallory played by John Malkovich and F. Tony Scarapiducci played by Ben Schwartz, who looks to be turning things down to about a 65 on the Jean Ralphio Parks and Recreation scale.

The shows star-studded cast also consists of Friends’ Lisa Kudrow, Booksmart‘s Diana Silvers, and Fantasy Island‘s Jimmy O. Yang. All look to be playing it completely straight in a military division gone mad. All of them will be joining Steve Carell in replicating that classic spark of Office comedy to send Space Force through the atmosphere, preferably even before the real one takes off.

Space Force will be igniting May 29 on Netflix, which is next Friday. UK folks, set your reminder here.