Monsters University Gets A New TV Spot

Parental Guidance, Billy Crystal will soon be back on our screens (sort of) in the form of that short, green gobstopper with limbs, Mike Wazowski in Monsters University. Keen to keep our excitement at a decent level, a brand new TV spot has appeared online preparing us for the first Pixar prequel. Set long before Boo caused mischief in Mike and Sully’s world, Monsters University tells the story of how our favourite scream team came to be, and the journey the two took in their college years from rivals to best monster mates. As always with Pixar, details on their upcoming project are being stored under lock and key with the latest spot actually playing like a promo for MU rather than spilling plot details on what’s going to happen. It’s a nice touch and follows suit with Monsters Inc. original promotions (“we scare, because we care”). [youtube] Whilst it’s a nice bit of viewing for a sequel that could work brilliantly, the next couple of years for animation look to be filled with hefty competition and now more than ever, it seems like Pixar might have a struggle on their hands for CGI supremacy. After the hiccups appearing in the form of the beautiful but borderline entertaining Brave and Cars 2 delivering a sequel to a film that’s hardly in the studios hall of fame, all eyes are on that iconic desk lamp in the hope that it doesn’t get any dimmer. Monsters University might well be the studios redemption or it could be the in one of the other three projects they have in the pipeline, all of which have concept art appearing online showing that dose of originality we haven’t seen in a while. Firstly there’s The Good Dinosaur (2014) directed by Bob Peterson which puts us in an alternate world where the dinosaurs didn’t die out but live in harmony with the modern world. After that there’s there’s Pete Docter’s  untitled movie set inside the mind (2015) and finally Lee Unkrich’s untitled project involving Dia de los Muerto’s (2016). Have a gander at the pics below, (all courtesy of ComingSoon) and rest assured that Pixar might just be making a comeback. Maybe. [gallery ids="1417,1416,1415"]]]>