Mission Impossible 7 & 8 Won’t Be Back-To-Back

Choose to accept it.

He may be a helicopter-flying, bathroom-breaking, mountain-climbing enthusiast, but there are still some things that even Ethan Hunt can’t stop. Understandably (and unsurprisingly), it’s been confirmed that the original plan of shooting the next two Mission: Impossible sequels one after the other has been scrapped.

Deadline reports that the main villain behind this ordeal is the second-worst thing to a world-changing virus; scheduling conflicts. Initially, cameras were set to start rolling in July, but because of the calendar shift for Top Gun: Maverick, that won’t happen. Instead, Cruise will be back in action as Ethan once the aforementioned nostalgia sequel takes off into cinemas (fingers crossed).

Mission: Impossible isn’t the first franchise to suffer getting some sequels off the block and into production, either. Keanu Reeves was initially locked and loaded to shoot the following two John Wick films back to back this year but held off due to the pandemic and the unfortunate overlap of the fourth Matrix film. These folks and their franchises, honestly.

For now, we can expect Ethan to his next impossible mission out for November 19, 2021. Mission: Impossible 8 is still dated for November 4, 2022. Here’s hoping nothing self-destructs in that time, either.