The King of Staten Island Drops A New Trailer

HRH Pete Davidson
© Netflix
King of Staten Island trailer

Besides reminding us what the last hour in a rowdy bar, or getting high with friends looks like (of which I know neither, obviously), the new trailer for The King of Staten Island confirms plenty of laughs from the latest Judd Apatow film that tells the semi-autobiographical story of SNL star Pete Davidson.

In his first comedy directorial effort since Trainwreck, Apatow’s next sees Davidson as Scott, a 20-something family basement-dweller and son of a firefighter with not much planned for the future. Absent of aspirations ever since his Dad died on the job when he was seven, Scott is hit with a slap of reality after his younger sister heads off to college, leaving him and his mum (Marisa Tomei) at home.

Things get even more. awkward, when after 17 years of being single, said mum brings a new man home in the form of firefighter, Ray (Bill Burr). The new dynamic forces Scott to look at his life, decide if his dream of being a tattoo artist is still worth chasing (it’s not) and if there’s a future beyond his front door.

As many lol’s as there looks to be, it’s worth noting that the subject matter spawns from Davidson’s own experiences. The stand-up and SNL member has been open about his own firefighter father dying on 9/11, so it may lead to a surprising turn from the film’s star that will hit pretty hard. Being joined by the likes of Bill Burr, Marisa Tomei and Steve Buscemi (a retired firefighter himself who got back into service on 9/11) will also be welcome additions.

The film was originally set for theatrical release this year, but given the pandemic was instead sent straight to home release instead. It marks another entry for Universal who’ve given the same treatment to Trolls World Tour and The Invisible Man. We can only wait and see if The King of Staten Island rules when it becomes available on June 19 on VOD.