Jon Hamm & Tina Fey To Meet Maggie Moore(s)

One name. Two deaths.

Seven years since his big-screen directorial debut and John Slattery is getting back at the helm of another feature film with the help of his old workmates, one of which is comedic royalty. Deadline reports that the actor-turned-director has hired his former Mad Men co-star, Jon Hamm, and Tina Fey, for his dark comedy, Maggie Moore(s)

Set in some lonely, forgotten town where the law has very little to worry about, Maggie Moore(s) follows a police chief who gets stumped by the double murder of two women with the same name. There’s no confirmation as to who will be the leading law enforcement tasked with confusing paperwork, but rest assured that chances the killer is a time-travelling cyborg going through the phone book are a write-off…for now.

Though it might be his second time directing a big-screen venture, Slattery is no stranger to calling the shots in the past. God’s Pocket may have been his first film, but he had a crack at five episodes of Mad Men and three of the massively overlooked Netflix rom-com series, Love, as well. 

Speaking of the popular ’60s based series, this will mark the first collaboration in six years since Slattery and Jon Hamm parted ways after Mad Men. Both earned critical acclaim and a collection of awards for performances as Roger Sterling and Don Draper, respectively. Fey also worked with Slattery in the iconic 30 Rock and Amazon’s anthology show, Modern Love, which is currently developing a new season. 

By the sounds of things, it seems that Slattery is getting a great cast together, so expect more news on the tragic case of Maggie Moore and Maggie Moore as it develops.