Hear The All-New Reelgood Podcast Episode 1

This is it, don’t get scared now! Arriving in your earholes for your listening pleasure is the brand new Reelgood Podcast starring Rushy and Nick as they travel across the uneven but always enjoyable terrain of the big and small screen. To kick things off, Rushy gets us up to speed with Sonic the Hedgehog, Nick tells you if The Invisible Man is worth seeing and if Onward is another Pixar smash on the horizon. There’s also the first round of the brand new game, ‘We Could Be Heroes’ that will have you screaming at Rushy and wondering why he even agreed to get involved. All in the name of good fun. Let us know your thoughts at @rushyonly or @nickstaniforth and be sure to visit reelgood.co.uk to see what we’re all about.