Disney’s Robin Hood Set For CGI Remake

Arrow, arrow there. What's all this?

Disneyland’s gates may well be closed for the foreseeable future, but the Mouse House is still hard at work mining their goldmine, and another gem has been chipped out in the form of Robin Hood. THR have heard a rustling in Sherwood Forest that the crafty vigilante and his big Baloo-looking partner-in-crime, Little John will be getting the same treatment as Jungle Book and The Lion King, which will make millions of us question even more if we are in fact, attracted to an anthropomorphic fox.

Originally released in 1973, the film may be a mid-tier Disney flick to most, but for this Nottingham-bred film fan, it was a treat simply because it had a rooster singing about his hometown. It also really made me want a bag of Jolly Rancher’s every time Little John got himself a mouthful of jewels. Childhood’s weird, right?

The new take won’t be going to the big screen (whenever we get to see one in the wild again), and instead will be going to lockdown streaming saviour, Disney+ instead. As for directing duties, they’re being passed to Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada (check that out on Netflix when you get a chance), which may sound like a wild choice but one that could end in a positive result if that sleeper smash is anything to go by.

No names have been attached to take over as Nottingham’s wild band of characters or indeed, it’s furry prince of thieves, but expect some to be drawn from the hat very soon.

What do you make of a Robin Hood remake? Is this a Disney revisit you’d like to see, or is there another classic you’d like to get the special technological treatment?