David Fincher & Seven Screenwriter Hunt The Killer

Netflix have Fincher's number.

As Netflix’s plans for world domination from the comfort of our living room continues, the word is out that they’ve got another top-tier project in the pipeline that’ll wind up on our watchlist as soon as it arrives. Following on from his success with Mank, David Fincher has dropped another idea at the door of the big red N, and Michael Fassbender could be at the centre of it.

Going back to the blood-chilling territory he’s always had a knack for, Deadline reports that Fincher is looking to adapt Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel series, The Killer. The story follows a deadly assassin who begins to have psychological struggles in between targets. Currently, rumours are stirring that Fassbender is being considered for the titular role with no comment from the man himself.

While this combination is already enough to build interest, the trade reports that Fincher is constructing the idea with Andrew Kevin Walker, who penned what many would deem the director’s career-defining film, Seven. It will mark 25 years since the two sat down and worked together, and if they could deliver the same standard of results, then folks, we’re in for a hell’uva time. 

Following the recent release of Mank, it’s clear that Fincher isn’t wasting any time to get back in the Netflix-funded director’s chair, which is great to see. This will mark the second project that’s part of the four-year deal Fincher signed with the streaming service, and The Killer is a project that he’s had on the shelf for some time. The only question is if there’s a chance he could squeeze in a third season of Mindhunter while he’s at it? A crime-obsessed geek can dream, right?