Bad Milo Trailer Gets Dumped Online

Bad-MiloLike your horror comedies trashy? Can think of nothing more amusing than a man getting up to hilarious hijinks with a high-quality puppet that looks like a drug-fuelled Baby Sinclair from ‘Dinosaurs’? Then stranger, Bad Milo might very well be the film for you. It’s got guts, it’s got giggles and it’s got a vengeful bum demon unleashing fury on the innocent. To get a taste of it all, check out the brand new red band trailer that appeared online today. Rammed with a few familiar TV faces, the film follows stressed out office worker, Duncan whose pressures from the workplace and the home culminate in some intense stomach problems. It’s only when he pays a visit to a hypnotherapist that the sudden revelation of something that is burning in his gut and it wants to get out and wreak havoc. See, after a quick bit of research from the fascinated doctor (Peter Stormare), Duncan discovers that he holds in his rear a vengeful demon that pops out every now and again to enact Duncan’s darkest fantasies, butchering those that have done him wrong. From here our hero has no choice but to try and calm his intestinal tenant and see if he and the cutely named Milo can get along without building a body count in the process. As you can see via the trailer, Bad Milo looks like a tacky bit of fun that links toilet humour with horror. Hopefully, considering those involved (Stormare, Patrick Warburton and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs) there might be laughs be had when Duncan drops Milo on our lap later this year.