The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Getting Amazon TV Show

The streaming service are getting all fired up.
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Fans may curse the heavens on missing out of the Fincher’s take on the Millenium trilogy that never was, but that isn’t stopping other creative forces drawing up plans for Lisbeth Salander returning to our screens as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Variety has reported that Amazon in all their globe-dominating supremacy have caught hold of the hard-edged hacker and have plans to set Lisbeth up in her own TV show that will see her off on her own adventures.

The report confirms that the show – which is tentatively titled The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, won’t be a rehash of the books her character spawned from, or be a sequel to them. Instead, Lisbeth will be planted in a brand new setting with an array of all-new characters to throw dagger-like stares at or ruin the lives of from the comfort of her breakfast table. 

Originally bought to life in 2009 with Noomi Rapace in the lead role, the character was then handed over to Rooney Mara in Fincher’s 2011 impressive effort. From an attempt was made to further Salander’s adventures in The Girl in the Spider’s Web with Claire Foy taking the lead in the 2018 misfire. Currently, there are no names linked to donning the iconic ink, however, we do know producer Andy Harries has put his name down as executive producer, with Rob Bullock of Amazon Studios putting his right alongside it.

With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in development, it would mark another great page-turning property that Amazon has a hold on. Besides John Krasinski having two seasons of Jack Ryan under his belt, there’s that Lord of the Rings show that is costing Amazon a few million dollars when it goes into production as well. We’ll be sure to check in (and our laptop security) as Lisbeth Salander’s next case starts to develop.