Adam Sandler And LeBron James Plan To Hustle

Sandler going through hoops.
Adam Sandler Hustle film

Water is wet, this pandemic blows, and Adam Sandler was robbed at this year’s Oscars. These are the facts as they are presented ladies and gentlemen, but there’s a chance that balance could be restored following the news that the Uncut Gems star will be going for another serious Netflix stint in the basketball drama, Hustle.

Hopefully less of an endurance test than Sandler’s opal-tainted drama from 2019, Hustle will see him as a basketball scout who after given wrongful dismissal, finds a potential prodigy overseas. Cutting a deal with the star, both return to the USA to get into the NBA, and for Sandler’s scout to get his career back.

The story has been doing laps around the court since 2018 where Legendary got their hands on it, before the streaming service got hold of the rights and flashed it in front of Sandler.

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Word from Variety is that now, the stars own Happy Madison production company will be teaming up with Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, and LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment to get the ball bouncing. Directing duties will be landing with Jeremiah Zagar who’s last big effort was We The Animals.

There’s no word on who the potential hoop hero will be, but given that Netflix want as many projects lined up for when the pandemic ends to get back into action, expect it at the top of their list, and Sandler’s. For now, we’d advise sticking on Uncut Gems again, and The Last Dance while you’re at it.