Dead Man Down Trailer Rises Up

Still seen by many as the superior Salander, Noomi Rapace has reunited with the man that helped get her such a title, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo director, Niels Arden Oplev. Their new film Dead Man Down whist looking like an intense follow-up does have it’s differences; it’s in English for starters – it’s got Colin Farrell in it – and it’s called Dead Man Down. The list is endless. Anyway, the trailer for the film arrived today and whilst it doesn’t particularly hold back on plot details it’s got me gripped. How about you?


Just to clarify what’s cracking off in this upcoming thriller, Dead Man Down sees Rapace as not quite the tough-cookie, independent woman she’s been before, but still rather miffed having been wronged by top crime boss Terrence Howard. Seeking vengeance against the well-suited scumbag, Rapace blackmails one of his enforcers, (Colin Farrell) to use his ‘skills’ to rub his boss out. Lucky for her though, he doesn’t hold his employer in that much high regard either. As a result, the stuff is inevitably going to hit the fan.

At the moment US have a release date set for March 8, whilst we’re still left out in the cold. Keep ’em peeled for any change in the coming weeks.


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