Meet Mama In Short That Inspired Film

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark might be an exception for some, the back catalogue of Guillermo Del Toro’s produced horrors have got the spine tingling in all the right ways and Mama could be the next project to follow suit. Directed by Andres Muschietti, the film is actually based on a short that was released in 2008 and the Pan’s Labyrinth director thought it was so good, he’s recommended we all watch it in an effort to whet our appetites when the feature length scare-fest arrives next year. Arriving 22 February, Mama tells the story of two innocent and traumatised young girls given a loving home by their Uncle Lucas (Game Of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend Annabel (Lawless’ Jessica Chastain). Unfortunately the loving couple’s efforts to help the youngsters start a new life is thwarted by a presence that has followed the sisters to their new home and it’s not too happy about their new living arrangements. Slowly but surely, Lucas and Anabel soon realise that nothing can break a bond between daughters and their – wait for it – Mama. The plot thickens though, because as it turns out this isn’t the entire short. Clearly not one for spoiling the fun, or in fact the potential ending of the full-length Mama the Del Toro presented version you see below has had some valuable seconds cut. If you really want to see it in it’s entirety, you might want to click here. You have been warned. [youtube]]]>

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